Agora joins SFM's family of Pro and Live Events products

Agora joins SFM's family of  Pro and Live Events products
Agora Ghost Mk II

France-based manufacturer to bring strong line of ruggedized 10Gig switches and Network Monitoring Software to live events producers in Canada

SFM, the industry-leading distributor and go-to-market service provider for Canada’s pro audio, musical instrument, live entertainment, and media production industries welcomes France-based Agora to its growing family of brands. For over a decade, Agora’s expansive range of ruggedized, high-throughput Audio/Video switches and Network Monitor software solutions have earned enthusiastic loyalty from entertainment industry pros in the demanding arena of Front of House (FOH) operations. With a stable of customers across Europe, and a large installed base of iconic art spaces including concert halls, sound stages, outdoor venues, as well as touring companies and rental houses, Agora’s industry focus, product innovation and build quality is sure to draw a wave of new fans in Canada.

As part of SFM's expanding line up of leading brands, Agora extends the company’s pro audio, video and live events offering with top-notch technology to help Canada’s industry pros delivery flawless productions.

Product range and advantages

Agora's comprehensive product range, dedicated to the entertainment and live industry through hardware and software solutions, stands out for its unparalleled quality and performance. FOH operators and technical directors can rely on Agora's offerings to enhance their workflow efficiency, ensuring a flawless execution of live events.

A leading player in the Dante-compatible ecosystem, Agora offers a suite of switches that seamlessly integrate with large-scale audio setups, ensuring optimal performance and reliability thanks to their single chassis, discrete Power Supply Unit (PSU) redundant switches. The Ghost MK2 Series, equipped with OLED screens and professional connectors, adds a layer of sophistication to the audio infrastructure, while the H1 Series modular audio converter facilitates the integration of diverse signals onto the network.

Agora Ghost
Agora Brands presentation and tutorials

All of Agora’s switch units are managed by way of the company’s pro audio-friendly software Interface, the Agora Controller. With handy features like configuration snapshots for dynamic productions and mobile systems, and the ability to route and re-route signals on the fly, Agora puts the power of virtualized switch control into the hands of the live engineer. By choosing Agora, live system houses can trust in a brand that not only meets, but exceeds the demands of modern FOH engineers, making it the perfect solution for pros looking to invest in top-tier Dante-compatible equipment.

Advantages of redundancy in mission critical applications (live)

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted performance, Agora's products emphasize redundancy in mission-critical applications, and flawless audio throughput. The incorporation of discrete PSU redundancy within in a single chassis design ensures fail-safe operation for live events, and peace of mind for FOH system engineers.

High-quality, reliable, 10 gigabit switches

Agora's commitment to excellence is evident in its high-quality, reliable 10 gigabit switches. These switches offer unparalleled speed and stability, catering to the demands of high-performance live events where precision and reliability are paramount.

Configuration and control software

In addition to providing high-quality hardware, Agora offers precise and flexible software. Agora Controller is a software that allows the user to configure and monitor all Agora brand products. Its features help secure the network by providing the necessary services at the right locations of the user’s topology. The Agora Controller also saves time. The precision and flexibility of the system will guide the user in the tailor-made administration of their network. The Agora software also provides strong security via totally independent VLAN groups—each ‘’User’’ or ‘’Transmit’’ port includes monitoring tools.

SFM's integration of Agora into its family of brands heralds an important technology shift in the Pro and Live Events segment. FOH operators, rental houses, staging companies, lighting designers, audio technicians, and technical directors across the country have a clear path to elevating their performances with Agora's state-of-the-art solutions that prioritize quality, reliability, and innovation.

About Agora

Agora designs and manufactures digital Networked audiovisual products and solutions for the live and entertainment industry. Issued by a significant experience of the real-world usages and needs, their philosophy from design to manufacturing is to deliver strong, intuitive, and fast to setup solutions to their customers and users.

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About SFM

SFM provides customized go-to-market solutions to global brands within the audiovisual, live entertainment, and media production industries. In addition to traditional wholesale distribution services, they offer an array of enhanced services designed to help their suppliers and customers achieve their full market potential.

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