Lights for Ukraine

Lights for Ukraine


Lights for Ukraine provides a concrete way for you to help save lives by lighting up the skies over Ukraine with commercial lighting fixtures via a direct channel to Ukrainian production industry professionals pitting concert lighting against killer drones.

Russian air attacks and the targeting of Ukrainian cities and infrastructure by Iranian-made Shahed drones increased in October 2022, the country’s defenders began looking for a less costly and more readily available means to counter such attacks than dedicated air-defence systems.

The approach is simple but highly effective. Powerful lighting fixtures are stripped of unnecessary components and functionality and modified to project a powerful beam of white light and enable defenders – often a single machine gunner and a ‘spot’ operator – to take out incoming ordnance.

What started as an experiment using a single fixture supplied by Kyiv-based production firm Alight yielded immediate success, prompting a call for similar firms in the country to contribute whatever fixtures they could to this effort.

Since, hundreds of devices – modified to act as point-and-shoot, manually controlled spotlights – have proven invaluable in protecting and saving lives.

As Russian forces continue their assaults on civilian infrastructure, the number of fixtures is dwindling – as they are damaged or destroyed by environmental exposure and the rain of destruction from Russian attacks.

You can help by directly connecting with Ukrainian production industry professionals through Lights For Ukraine and ‘Lighting up the skies to save lives.’

If you believed there was little you could do to provide concrete support for Ukraine, ‘LightsForUkraine’ is a way for you to do so now.

Lighting Fixtures Needed:

Ayrton Cobra

ClayPaky Xtylos

Space Cannon Ireos

Space Cannon Leukos 

Although these have proven particularly effective, similar fixtures (over 1200W) are also welcome

For more information on how to help, fill out the form below

If you do not have the necessary equipment but still want to help, please visit an official fundraising platform of Ukraine

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