GLP X5 IP Bar 1000

GLP X5 IP Bar 1000

GLP has announced its X5 IP Bar 1000. In the winter of 2022-2023, the X5 Compact was launched as the first addition to the series. Equipped with seven powerful 40W RGBL LEDs, GLP's new iQ.Gamut color algorithm and a super-fast 16:1 zoom mechanism, which allows a penetrating 3.5° parallel beam as well as a homogeneous wash of up to 60°, the X5 Compact achieves the same high X5 standard in a significantly smaller form factor with a weight of only 16.5 lbs.

The new IP65-certified, linear LED tilt bar is equipped with 18 40W RGBL LEDs. It offers a large zoom range and the iQ.Gamut color calibration algorithm, which produces perfect white spectra with excellent color reproduction. The new square lens design enables innovative light curtains in the narrowest zoom range of only 5°, as well as an even and homogeneous color distribution in the wash up to 70°.

The identically equipped sister model, X5 Bar 1000, for indoor use only, will also be on display for the first time.

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