Lights For Ukraine

Lights For Ukraine

Lights For Ukraine provides a direct channel to Ukrainian production industry professionals supplying Ukraine’s defenders with commercial lighting fixtures to aid in finding and intercepting missiles and drones.

 As Russian air attacks and the targeting of Ukrainian cities and infrastructure by Iranian-made Shahed drones increased in October 2022, the country’s military began pitting concert lighting against killer drones targeting civilians and critical infrastructure.

What began as an experiment yielded immediate results, prompting Ukrainian lighting production houses to find and deploy as many fixtures as possible. The approach is simple. Powerful lighting fixtures are stripped of unnecessary components and functionality and modified to project a powerful beam of white light to enable defenders – often a single machine gunner and a ‘spot’ operator – to take out incoming ordnance.

Since, these devices have proven invaluable in saving lives, with roughly 500 devices deployed on buildings, military and regular vehicles, and wherever possible to prevent the rain of death and destruction from Russian air attacks.

While they protect and repair what can, many of these fixtures (and the lives of those using them) have been lost directly to Russian attacks. More are urgently needed, and you can help.