Obsidian Control Systems adds Technical Support and Training Specialist

Obsidian Control Systems adds Technical Support and Training Specialist

Obsidian Control Systems announces the addition of Daniel Boerner to its expanding global team as a newly appointed Technical Support and Training Specialist. Daniel started in the new position in November and uses his expertise in lighting control to support Obsidian’s acclaimed NETRON line of data distribution products. Over time, his role will extend to encompass support for all products under the Obsidian brand.

Daniel brings valuable experience from his previous position at Acuity Brands, where he served as a Technical Support Specialist for six distinct product lines. Additionally, he served as coach, author, and publisher for a Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) program, contributing content for customer-facing troubleshooting and training.

Having been involved in production from an early age, Daniel has extensive experience in the industry from the artist, integrator and designer perspectives. He has toured as a guitarist, worked for an integration/live events company, and has served as a touring lighting designer/director, among other positions. “Live events are something I am deeply passionate about,” he stated. “Having the opportunity to work both as an integrator and lighting director nationwide helped me develop into a multi-faceted technician that understands the challenges faced in the field.”

In his new role at Obsidian, Daniel’s primary responsibilities encompass firmware/software testing, customer support, and the creation of technical documentation and training materials for the NETRON line. Applying his extensive industry experience, he will also contribute to future product development.

Matthias Hinrichs, Product Manager at Obsidian Control Systems, expressed his enthusiasm, commenting, “Daniel is a great addition to our Obsidian team who is already positively impacting the support we provide to our customers worldwide. He comes with a lot of valuable, real-world experience in entertainment data applications that allows him to provide expert-level support to ensure clients' success. We are excited about the input and influence he can have across Obsidian’s entire product line. The brand has seen amazing industry acceptance, and Daniel’s position is an important step in our commitment to excellent customer support.”

Obsidian Control Systems continues its remarkable growth in both lighting console and data distribution solutions. The company is expanding its award-winning NETRON line of signal distribution with a comprehensive line tailored for system integrators and fixed installations, along with the introduction of the world's first IP66-rated devices for entertainment data distribution.

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such an incredible team here at Elation, a company that has noticed and values the expertise I can bring to the table,” Daniel said. “I am very excited to be challenged in my craft while also providing excellent, detailed support of the Obsidian line.

About Obsidian Control Systems

Obsidian Control Systems is an accessible line of advanced yet intuitive lighting control products for professionals. Refined by passion, Obsidian Control Systems combines over 30 years of experience developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures. Obsidian lighting control software and hardware is easy to use and accessible to every level of user, whether a novice programmer or a designer at the highest level. All Obsidian lighting control systems run innovative ONYX lighting control software, a powerful yet easy-to-learn lighting control platform designed for both hardware consoles and PC systems. Obsidian Control Systems also offers a complete line of NETRON data distribution products. Obsidian products are distributed exclusively by Elation worldwide and are available in various sizes to accommodate any scale and budget.

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