Opportunities That Only The NAMM Show Can Offer

Opportunities That Only The NAMM Show Can Offer

By John Mlynczak

We all know that video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and other digital communications allow for constant communication with customers and industry peers both near and far. But we’ve learned — especially in recent years when in-person contact was limited — there’s no replacing the power of in-person business. Whether it’s a warm handshake, the eruption of laughter among industry friends, or handling an instrument or new piece of technology, the ability to have an in-person conversation is essential to growth. Online communication is transactional; in person is empowering.

That’s why The NAMM Show is such a pivotal event. It is the largest global gathering of businesses and professionals in the music products industry, and it’s where in-person interactions have made the difference for growing businesses over many years. So how can you leverage in-person connections at The NAMM Show?

There are many ways, so I’ll offer a few ideas for where you can start. First, businesses should connect with the vast network of content creators and social influencers at The NAMM Show. This is a unique opportunity to be engage with content creators who have impressive influence over large niche audiences. Meet them in person and get a sense of who could be a great fit for your brand. The businesses that make the right partnerships can gain an edge in influencing the buying decisions of a target market. The opening Industry Insights session at the show will provide an in-depth look at how influencer marketing can impact business models and strategies for reaching customers, as well as give an overview of where we are going as an industry.

John Mlynczak

You’ll also want to connect with experts on the topic of artificial intelligence. NAMM is here to help you get ahead of the newest technology, and it’s important to understand how AI will affect the way we do business and what steps you can take now to future proof your business. At the 2024 show, you can attend the NAMM Marketing Summit to learn how to improve your marketing and business efficiency with AI. There will also be a special session where you can connect with our education partners, who will cover the need to define, label and protect artistic originality in the face of AI tech. Strike up a conversation with other retailers and suppliers at these AI events — ask how they plan to use AI and gauge whether you’re on the right track or if you should implement a better AI strategy.

Our education sessions also go far beyond AI. Every member and professional community at The NAMM Show is assured to have programming that will support their growth. This includes tracks for retailers, brands, college students and early career professionals, pro audio, music technology, live event production and music educator training, as well as such features as live sound console training. Find your community and learn the latest trends and tools relevant to your area of business.

We also highly encourage you to use The NAMM Show+ App to proactively explore solutions in-person, find new product demos, and directly connect with brand reps who have the expertise to answer your questions. We anticipate a larger number of products to be released from more global companies than at any show since 2020, so take advantage of being present at the place where these solutions will be unveiled. You will learn so much more in a shorter amount of time, and you’ll be invigorated by the face-to-face conversations. Everything you learn will help you to make better decisions for your business.

On a final note: You come to The NAMM Show for the meetings you have planned, and you leave The NAMM Show with opportunities and connections that did not exist before your arrived. A NAMM member recently shared a story about a chance encounter in an elevator with three NAMM Members from Korea. In just a one-floor ride, he mentioned his product to them, and in a few months, they were all doing business. The power of coming together under one roof is undeniable. I’m confident that the in-person connections you make at The NAMM Show can spark something new for your business too.

Our focus is to enhance this power of networking and expand opportunities for everyone attending The NAMM Show, through networking events, app connections, and more. You can make transactions all year long; come to The NAMM Show to make opportunities.

See you in January!

John Mlynczak is the President and CEO of NAMM

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