Terrier Marketing Appointed Manufacturer's Representative for Swisson America

Terrier Marketing Appointed Manufacturer's Representative for Swisson America

Terrier Marketing Inc, a leading Canadian marketing and sales agency,
announces its recent appointment as the Canadian manufacturer's representative for SWISSON, a renowned provider of data distribution equipment for the entertainment and architectural lighting industries.

This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward for both companies, combining Terrier Marketing Inc's expertise in Canadian marketing and sales with SWISSON’s innovative DMX512 and Ethernet products. The collaboration aims to strengthen market presence, enhance customer relationships, and drive growth in the Canadian lighting sectors.

As the appointed representative, Terrier Marketing Inc will play a pivotal role in promoting SWISSON’s products in Canada, expanding their market reach, and providing support to Canadian clients.

Leveraging their extensive experience and a proven track record in data distribution products, Terrier Marketing Inc is well-positioned to contribute to SWISSON’s, continued success.

“I’m pleased to take a major role in bringing SWISSON data distribution products to Canadian projects,” says Terrier Marketing President and industry veteran, Graham Likeness. “SWISSON devices have the solid engineering and reliability required by the production industries, be it concert, theatre, motion picture or

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Terrier Marketing Inc and feel that it is a perfect match for SWISSON and the Canadian market. Graham’s extensive knowledge and background working in the entertainment market on many levels in the world of data distribution is hard to match. We have full confidence in Terrier Marketing Inc.'s capabilities to showcase our products with the utmost expertise, and we anticipate a fruitful partnership that will drive mutual success. Along with Terrier Marketing we really look forward to
meeting and working with more companies and individuals throughout Canada.”

About Terrier Marketing Inc.:
A Canadian company specializing in supporting lighting and power manufacturers, Terrier acts both as a marketing consultant and manufacturer’s representative,
Terrier Marketing President Graham Likeness has experience as a technical director, dealer, rep, director of marketing and VP Sales and Marketing. These experiences combine to provide a bridge connecting the diverse needs of end-users, dealers, and manufacturers.

SWISSON AG is a large international company based in Switzerland which develops and manufactures a wide range of DMX, RDM and Ethernet based products as well as Sine Wave Dimming/Power Management
solutions. The llatest accomplishments are the XND - Ethernet Node series and the XES - Ethernet Switches. SWISSONs current product range is made up of DMX & RDM products such as optical splitters, mergers, record playback units, measurement, testing and control products. SWISSON manufactures Sine Wave
Dimmer/Power Managers for touring & installation applications. SWISSON looks forward to continuing development of more innovative products for the Entertainment and Architectural Lighting Field.

Terrier website: www.terrier-marketing.com